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What to do with Austin Eckler (1 Viewer)


So I snagged Eckler late in the draft and I really don't need him. I'm looking at the team that has Melvin Gordon and was thinking about offering a trade of Eckler/Fitzgerald for Hopkins/Coleman, I am weakest at wide receiver and Pollard is undrafted. With me having the first waiver.  What are your thoughts?



Yeah, I'm sorry to have to agree with Warhogs.  Unless your opponent is Austin Eckler's father, you aren't going to get Hopkins.  Frankly I'm not even sure Eckler's father would trade Hopkins for him.  You have to set your sights a bit lower.



This is a terrible trade offer and will lose you any credibility with that owner for future negotiations.  Do not send the offer.    In fact I would like Coleman over Eckler and Hopkins vs Fitz is laughable.  This is a really bad offer. 



Looking at trading Ekler and A. Rodgers for L. Jackson QB? Thoughts? 


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