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Corey Davis or Sammy Watkins (1 Viewer)


10 Team 0.5 ppr start 1QB 2Rb 3 WR 1 TE

Need to choose for my 3rd WR between Corey Davis and Sammy Watkins.

News is out that Mariotta's elbow injury causing him to have trouble gripping the ball.  Gabbert might start.  

If Gabbert starts do you hope he feeds C. Davis or the def takes him out of the game.

Watkins might benefit from def trying to defend Hill but there are Kelce and Hunt as other options.  With Watkins, you might hope for him to have 2 or 3 catches but one of those is a TD.  That's asking a lot.  I'm leaning Davis mainly for the targets and it being a 0.5 ppr.  


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