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Crowell or Henry (1 Viewer)


Who do you like for the rest of the year?  This is a standard Yahoo PPR league.  I currently have Crowell, but Henry is available and I am tempted.  I don't really need either for this week....more for depth.  Thanks!

I would rather have Henry.  Mariota looked good and the offense was moving the ball.  I think the Titans are going to improve as the year goes along and if Mariota is playing well Henry should see more opportunity and should have some good opportunities.  There is no game that I would play Crowell because there is too much chance that he craps the bed like this week (4 carries and 0 yards).  Crowell is inflated this year due to TD's.  I don't think that is sustainable for him.  I know Henry hasn't been any better and is not getting TD's but I just think the upside is better. 


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