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D/ST - Who are your top 5 and why? (1 Viewer)


Are the 49ers D a bunch of stiffs now?
their secondary is suspect, Bowman is hurt and Aldon Smith probably gets suspended.
And fantasy wise they haven't been very good in 3 of the last 4 years, in my scoring system anyway. #9 last year, #10 the year before, #1 in 2011, #19 in 2010.
I wouldn't worry about SF too much. The secondary, while overhauled, is not poor. Brock is solid and the players lost are more of a product of SF coaching and scheme than lost talent. They will continue to give up the big play more than hoped for but overall will produce enough positives with turnovers and stops to compensate. I have concerns over the loss of Aldon Smith in sack heavy leagues because the pressure drops tremendously with him out of the lineup. With Bowman out, Wilhoite will give you 80%. Dont think for a second that Willis has regressed... He's going to do his normal damage and then some with Bowman out. Going back to the secondary, dontae Johnson should make the squad and relieve those CBs and provide a physical presence out there.

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