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Dansby vs. Fletcher (1 Viewer)


I picked up Karlos Dansby last week while Fletcher was on a bye and he gave me nice production. London Fletcher has been a disappointment but he does have the occasional big week. The scoring system is 1 point for tackle, 3 points per sack, 4 points for INT and Fumbles Recovered. Dansby is @ Det. Fletcher is @ home vs. KC. which one is the safer option.

IMO I like Dansby. He has been good and fairly consistent. He has had only 2 bad games, against SF and the Cowboys. His record for the season Solo Assist FR INt Sacks3 2 1 Giants5 1 Rams5 4 Seahawks1 1 san fran7 2 Carolina bye9 2 1 1 Titens4 1 cowpokes6 Seahawks


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