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Darius Leonard Appreciation thread (1 Viewer)

Hot Sauce Guy

Every year in IDP I take a couple gambles at the end of the draft. 

I usually take 1-2 elites, then stack up on offense when the IDP run starts & hope to land some sleepers mid-range IDP, then grab up a couple lottery tickets.

leonard was this year’s lottery ticket. 

Last week he was excellent on my bench. Losing Deion Jones for 8 weeks hurt bad, and forced Leonard into my starting lineup. 

42 points in my somewhat tackle heavy format. 15 tackles, 3 ATK, a sack & a FF? That’s the best performance from a non-offensive skill position I’ve ever had. 

Just wanted to give him some love. :wub:  

Sideline to sideline m, this kid is explosive. if he’s available, claim him! 

I would doubt he plays this week on the short week.  I believe in Jene's injury article he said the mechanism looked like a high ankle sprain.  So he could be out for a week or two.
Hopefully it’s just a regular sprain. 

A high ankle sprain could keep him out weeks/months. 

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Price check on this guy? 

I've got a bunch of RB's and WR's, but need LB help desperately...

We can start 4 LB's. 

Would Kerryon Johnson straight up be overpaying? 

I lost Schobert and Burfict for who knows how long. Ogletree and Barron are killing me every single week. I'm in WIN NOW mode.
In redraft or dynasty?  How is the scoring between offense and IDP? 


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