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david bowens worthy of a pickup? (1 Viewer)

It'll be interesting to see what happens here.

The Jets really have little depth at ILB -- David Bowens is a tweener style OLB by trade and though he's a better all-around player than some tweeners, he's not likely to have much success at ILB. I don't see him having a major impact in the box scores. I didn't get to see how things ironed themselves out after Harris left the game, but if his tests this week put him out for an extended period, you could see the Jets turn to a 4-3 front for a few weeks.

Either way, the two players likely to see a bump in stats are Eric Barton, who becomes the only player in the front seven capable of getting to the ball regularly other than Calvin Pace, and Kerry Rhodes, who should see more time in the box than he has in the past two seasons and probably gets more tackle opportunities down the field if Bowens is playing inside.


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