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DBs: The Brandons: Carr (KC) & McDonald (CLE) Any upside here? (1 Viewer)


Brandon Carr and Brandon McDonald, both young DB's that played pretty well (Fantasy wise) these last 2-3 weeks.

Are they worth anything in a Dynasty format? Any upside? Any chance they will keep producing this season?

Both have an excellent chance of producing at their current rate through the rest of the season.

Carr looks like a better long-term bet than McDonald, given the scheme in which he currently plays and a little more willingness to be physical in run support.

I like Carr more for dynasty. I think he is likely to be starting next season while McDonald may not. Carr beat out Surtain and McDonald got the starting job because of an injury to Holly. Wright will be a starter in Cleveland for sure and I expect them to bring in a free agent(s), draft a corner in the first 2 rounds and/or bring Holly back.


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