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DeAndre Hopkins and Mark Harrison Allegedly Trash Hotel Room (1 Viewer)

Here's another report from Marvez: Another #NFL source tells me it's not really sure who did what in the room i.e. Hopkins/Harrison. Looks like 1 person's word v. the other's

I don't know anything about Harrison, but Hopkins was never in trouble once at Clemson. I'd like to believe it wasn't him.

Rutgers HC Kyle Flood on Mark Harrison: "I've been on a lot of road trips and we’ve never had a single disciplinary issue with him. He’s a model of the type of person we want here at Rutgers. It would be so out of character to be involved in this that I just cannot imagine under any circumstance that it would happen and involve him.”

Assuming they both did it and are friends. What better thing to do than simply state that neither parties are responsible.

Only they truly know, lmao.

I don't see these actions, even if true, having any bearing on their abilities to run and catch.

Granted, I understand the sentiment of it all but, for Pete's sake, Warren Sapp had a marijuana tag associated to him and he's got a bust going up in the HOF.

If that's the worst thing I ever did when I was 18 and had tons of attention on me and was counting down the days until I was a millionaire, I'd probably call that a good week.

I'll be the conspiracy theorist here....

It was another incoming rookie WR trying to "downgrade" them and by default "upgrade" his own stock. I'll speculate that it was Da'Rick Rogers.

According to Hopkins account, he left before Harrison did, and had a bellman come into the room to help him with his bags.

If the bellman confirms that story, pretty much clears Hopkins.

Love how this stuff magically surfaces so close to the draft. Happens every year.
Yeah, but there's a difference between Tavon Austin's wonderlic score being "leaked" and something like this that everyone is aware of finally hitting the media.


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