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Derrick Brooks (1 Viewer)


i'm thinkin about dropin Derick broooks he hasnt been producing tackles like he was last year....any ideas why?

I think the Bucs defense has been so good that they haven't played very many snaps. The run defense is much improved so there aren't as many tackles to go around. For some reason, Shelton Quarles has been about the only productive guy on that entire defense so far.Tough to dump a player like Brooks unless you are replacing him with a really good player. He should be able to pick things up at some point.

I haven't seen a Bucs game, but I'm guessing that the Bucs D hasn't spent nearly as much time on the field this year.

Caddy has been getting a ton of carries, which chews up the clock and reduces the amount of time their defense has to spend on the field.

The Bucs Offense are currently ranked 3rd in Time of Possession this year.

That would be my guess for a small part of it, but I'm sure Capella would have a better idea. :banned:


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