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DEVY - Jacobs + for Fournette + (1 Viewer)


12 TM 1 PPR - Devy League QB, 3 RB, 3WR, 1TE, 2 Flex (TE,WR,TE)

We started this league last year and is my 1st DEVY. I am having a hard time gauging pick value. We roster 8 DEVY players. 

My biggest need is TE Hockenson and Smith are still available, but doubt they make it to 1.12. 

Current offer: This a counter I was originally offering Weber and Holyfield instead of Jacobs. 

Give: 1.12, 2020 1st, Jacobs

Get: Fournette, 3.06, 4.06

Current Roster:

Mahomes, Big Ben, Flacco, Keenum, Rudolph, Kizer

Gurley, Gordon, Miller, Jacobs, Yeldon, Peterson, Lynch, McQuire, R. Jones, Holyfield, Weber 

JuJu, Hilton, Sutton, Fitzgerald, Cobb, Harmon, Moncrief, Burnett, Bourne, Moore, Lasley, Tate

Engram, Olsen, Walker, Uzomah, Watson

Devy: Flomm, Juedy, Edwards, Grimes

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It really boils down to how much trust you have in Fournette.  If you think the will somehow break the injury prone tag then it is probably a decent deal.  If you think he is what he has been the last couple years I probably wait and see where Jacobs falls in the draft before making the deal. 

Thanks for the responses. I was looking back at Fournette’s stats his rookie year. IF he can stay on the field I could possibly be rolling out 3 top 10 RBs week over week. 

High risk in that IF I guess. 

Well counter with the offer below and it was accepted

Gave: Jacobs, 1.12, 2020 1st

Got: Fournette, 3.06, 7.06, 2020 3rd

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