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DHenry is on the trading block, who should I offer to land him? (1 Viewer)


We just had our draft last night and although FBG rate a team says I did pretty well, I obviously need help at RB. The Henry owner said he's on the block.  Was wondering if you guys could help me make an offer to land him. 

My Team:
Mahomes, Lance
Ekeler, MDavis, Carter, Singletary
Cooper, Claypool, CDavis, Michael Thomas (IR Stash)Meyers, Mooney, RMoore
Kelce, Pitts

His team:
Brady, Fields
Henry, Gibson, Sanders, Moss, Penny
Allen, Thielen, Deebo, AB, Gallup, DParker, Hollywood Brown

We start QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, TE, FLEX, DEF




This looks like a waste of time.  If a guy is immediately putting his first round pick on the block after a draft he is just trying to see if he can get an overpay.  I don't really see anything at this point worth throwing out there.  You may want to ping the guy and ask what he had in mind for a return on Henry.  That should tell you all you need to know. 



TE is your most expendable position - assuming it's redraft and was a snake draft (not auction) then an offer of Kelce won't do it because the guy likely drafted Henry over Kelce.  It'll take Kelce plus something (Carter maybe).  Usually when I see someone throw a stud onto the block they're doing exactly what @Gally said - rejecting all offers and only fishing for a big overpay.  


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