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Dispersal Draft- 3 Open Teams in 16 Team PPR Dynasty w/ Leaguesafe &#0 (1 Viewer)


Dispersal Draft for 3 Open Teams in 16 Team PPR Dynasty with Leaguesafe $150

Hi. I have 3 open teams for anyone interested in a 16 team PPR Dynasty league with Victory Points. All funds are handled through Leaguesafe. We will be doing a dispersal draft for the 3 open teams along with their picks for our yet to be held rookie draft. Dispersal draft picks can be traded to teams not in the dispersal draft. Some top tier players are available if you look below.

League Address is: http://www22.myfanta...13/home/33205#0

League Rules For Scoring: http://football22.my...ns?L=33205&O=09

League Bylaws: http://football22.my...ns?L=33205&O=26

Feel free to email me at russell345@hotmail.com if you are interested or have questions..

Teams are marked as unpaid if you go to the league page or I listed the open players below along with our starting lineup requirements.

Thanks for looking!

Starting Lineup Setup

Total Starters: 10

Number of Starting QBs: 1

Number of Starting RBs: 1-4

Number of Starting WRs: 2-5

Number of Starting TEs: 1-4

Number of Starting PKs: 1

Number of Starting Defs: 1

Cousins, Kirk WAS QB

Henne, Chad JAC QB

Kolb, Kevin BUF QB (IR)

Newton, Cam CAR QB

Skelton, John CIN QB

Cassel, Matt MIN QB

Rodgers, Aaron GBP QB

Brady, Tom NEP QB

Palmer, Carson ARI QB

Best, Jahvid DET RB

Brinkley, Curtis SDC RB

Forte, Matt CHI RB

Pead, Isaiah STL RB

Wilson, David NYG RB

Hillis, Peyton FA RB

Jennings, Rashad OAK RB

Martin, Doug TBB RB

Owens, Montell JAC RB

Peterson, Adrian MIN RB

Starks, James GBP RB

Thomas, Daniel MIA RB

Thomas, Pierre NOS RB

Bush, Reggie DET RB

Forsett, Justin JAC RB

Jackson, Steven ATL RB

Jacobs, Brandon FA RB

Jones-Drew, Maurice JAC RB

Redman, Isaac PIT RB

Bess, Davone CLE WR

Broyles, Ryan DET WR (IR)

Cooper, Riley PHI WR

Johnson, Andre HOU WR

Kerley, Jeremy NYJ WR

Ogletree, Kevin TBB WR

Posey, DeVier HOU WR

Tate, Golden SEA WR

Hixon, Domenik CAR WR

Jackson, Vincent TBB WR

Jones, Marvin CIN WR

Meachem, Robert SDC WR

Bennett, Earl CHI WR

Boldin, Anquan SFO WR

Branch, Deion FA* WR

Burleson, Nate DET WR (IR)

Floyd, Malcom SDC WR

Moss, Santana WAS WR

Gonzalez, Tony ATL TE

Rudolph, Kyle MIN TE

Celek, Brent PHI TE

Davis, Vernon SFO TE

Clark, Dallas FA TE

Gates, Antonio SDC TE

Prater, Matt DEN PK

Akers, David DET PK

Graham, Shayne CLE PK

Crosby, Mason GBP PK

Hartley, Garrett NOS PK

Texans, Houston HOU Def

Browns, Cleveland CLE Def

Packers, Green Bay GBP Def

Ravens, Baltimore BAL Def

Year 2013 Draft Pick 1.15

Year 2013 Draft Pick 2.15

Year 2013 Draft Pick 3.15

Year 2013 Draft Pick 1.12

Year 2013 Draft Pick 2.12

Year 2013 Draft Pick 3.12

Year 2013 Draft Pick 1.07

Year 2013 Draft Pick 2.07

Year 2013 Draft Pick 3.07

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Weekend bump. This is a great league with a ton of well-known owners from around these parts.

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