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Do I trade Mahomes now? (1 Viewer)


12 team PPR.

I could really use a stud WR, my other QB is Big Ben. Should I trade Mahomes, or use him and ride out his season. His value is probably never higher than right now.

WR I might be able to get in a deal with a team that might want the upgrade at QB
Team 1 Julio Jones and TY Hilton
Team 2 Devante Adams
Team 3 Antonio Brown, Chris Hogan, Will Fuller (Most QB needy but i doubt he would move A.B.)

Unless you have some very high scoring QB rules, i doubt you get any of them for mahomes. Possibly fuller or hogan if that team is very deep at WR, but I would not trade any of the wrs listed for a qb. 

I'd try it for Julio, Hilton, Adams and Brown but I doubt that the other party will take it. I wouldn't trade him for Fuller or Hogan, if he has another monster game this week you might get an offer, and it will be good timing to trade since weeks 4 and 5 he doesn't have good matchups.

I get that his pace is not sustainable but it doesn't mean this isn't really his cieling.  Dropping a 50 burger on your opponent at QB is worth more than what you will ever get for him.  I wouldn't trade Mahomes straight up for AB or Julio even in PPR.  Ride him to a championship.


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