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Trade Advise - Give Up Evans/White for Mahomes/Chase (1 Viewer)


0.5PPR - 10 Team - QB/2WR/2RB/TE/1Flex/DST/K & playoffs Week 15-17
I was offered Mahomes & Chase in exchange for Evans & White. Personally, I don’t think it’s a worthy upgrade for me especially since Burrow is out for the season, but people keep reasoning that I can afford it and possibly Browning only looking Chase’s way. Is there any sense in this trade or just reject? As for Mahomes, he has the better remainder SoS compared to Tua/Howell so that’s the actual upside I see. Currently tied with the Trading Team 6-5 at 3rd place.

My team
QB: Tua, Howell
WR: AJ, Adams, Evans, Waddle
RB: JT, Hall, Stevenson, R. White, Moss
TE: Engram, T. Hill

Other team
QB: Mahomes, Murray
WR: Amon, Chase, Aiyuk, Rice, Atwell
RB: Ford, Singletary, Walker, Mattison, Javonte Williams
TE: Kincaid

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