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Dynasty: Trading Hock or Kmet (1 Viewer)


14 team ... No PPR (Start 1 qb, 1, rb, 1 wr, 1 te, 2 flex, 1 k, 1d/st)

Other team wants a TE as he needs to win to make the playoff. I don't really want to trade one, but iff I give up one of mine, it would be Kmet. What would you ask for from the other team for Kmet? I have the #1 seed locked up.

My team:
Mahomes, Goff
CMC, Etienne, Barkley, JJacobs
ARSB, Aiyuk, Kupp, Higgins, JSN, Thielen
Kelce, Hockenson, Kmet
Tucker, Gay
NYJ, Denver
Picks: 2.01, 2 - 3rd Round Picks (late)

Other team:
Murray, Howell, Browning
Henry, JavWilliams, Montgomery, Conner, Hunt, Kelly, Herbert, Chandler
Nuk, Godwin, Hyatt, DDouglas
Higbee, Everett
Vikings, Tampa
Picks: 1- 1st Round (mid), 2- 2nd Rounds (mid and late), 1 - 3rd Round (mid)

Any thoughts appreciated!
I would ask for one of Hyatt, Douglas, or a late 2nd and see what he says. If he balks at all that I likely take a 3rd rounder.

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