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Do you prefer Metcalf or Sutton? (1 Viewer)


Just a question... dynasty 0.5 PPR, 12 teams. Would you prefer AJ Brown or DJ Metcalf on your team? My team has a good set of WRs and as of this moment Metcalf is my #5. Lamb, Diggs, Evans, Pittman and Robinson are my others...


AJ Brown all day for me. I like his upside and team situation better for now and long term. I don't see anyone taking DJ ahead of AJ in redraft or dynasty.


I think overall id rather have metcalf, however in fantasy football i think im takng brown,. Seattle just has too shaky of a situation. This year they are going to have a crap situation at the QB, the assumption is that they will draft a top QB. That's fine, but that's a gamble as we all know. Even if the QB is good, how long until that person develops into a above average QB? Not to mentnion that that coaching staff is a run first staff. Even if they have a good QB they are going to run the ball. See the decline of Russ after his phonomenal first 8 weeks the other year.

With Brown he is in a good situation already. I am not sure that Hurts is going to be a great QB in real life,, but he has shown signs of being pretty good, At the least Hurts has shown the ability to play, so this should be a relatively stable QB situation. Even if he runs it more and vultures more TDs than we'd like. I dont think there will be questions as to who will be taking snaps for philly. I think as his chemistry develops with brown, his role will improve as well.

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