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dolphins looking for backup RB? (1 Viewer)


Per KFFL...

Dolphins | Team looking for veteran backup at tailbackSun, 26 Feb 2006 09:20:10 -0800Alex Marvez, of the Sun-Sentinel, reports the Miami Dolphins are likely in the market for a veteran backup at tailback. The possible one-year suspension for RB Ricky Williams could leave RB Ronnie Brown without a backup.
Who would be willing to go to Miami as a backup? Who would be a good enough backup that would not take too many touches away from Brown (if Ricky is truly suspended)? How about A-Train? I think he nly had a one year deal in Dallas. He might be a decent fit there.
I heard their thinking about signing O. Smith from MN, that way the Phins legal department will earn their keep :X


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