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Donnie Abraham, Jets CB (1 Viewer)


AP Report:AP reports New York Jets CB Donnie Abraham isn't ready to accept that gold watch from Gang Green after all. HC Herman Edwards said through a team spokesman Monday that he expects Abraham to participate in the Jets' second set of organized team practices beginning Monday, bringing an end to speculation that Abraham was about to announce his retirement from football. And because Abraham plans to proceed with preparations for his 10th NFL season, it becomes highly unlikely now the Jets will try to sign free agent, former Pro Bowl CB Ty Law, a four-time Pro Bowl selection. This comes as quite a surprise, being that he wasn't even invited to mini-camp. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when Herm Edwards spoke to him. the Jets were not at all happy with Abraham's play last year. Purely speculative on my part, I suspect Abraham asked Edwards for a chance, and Herm couldn't say no. I still think he will be a June 1 cut. The Jets had hoped he would retire, as I believe that would help the cap somewhat.

Yeah, this is wierd. Edwards at the post mini camp press conference said he hadn't spoken to Abraham. He went on to say what a difficult conversation that would be, for both of them, yadayadayada. Could it be as sipmle as there is some money in it for Abraham if he gets cut, instead of retire? Maybe Abraham thinks he can still play, and Hermie was too soft to tell him no? I'll bet my dog house that Abraham is not on the roster this year. :sadbanana:


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