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Draft Preference - get your pick sooner or later? (1 Viewer)


I have been pondering this and wonder what you all think.  This question assumes you have played in FPC leagues before do your fantasy homework.  Probably drafting sometime after third preseason games.  Would you -

1) Prefer to sign up for a league and get your draft spot a week (or weeks) in advance of the draft to mock and plan your strategy? 


2) Be somewhat more footloose and jump in to a draft late same day and get your slot just before drafting?

Do you think your teams work out better on average with #1 or #2?  I have done both and perhaps feel its better to just be prepared and jump in late.  I think I have more fun - perhaps its more challenging.  Getting a daft slot early perhaps fixes your strategy to early and you close yourself of to finding value, or perhaps it turns into burn out and paralysis by analysis before the day even comes!  


While I'm comfortable either way as I play in multiple leagues and rarely have the same draft spot, I think there is an inherent advantage to knowing your draft spot ahead of time. You can tailor mock drafts from that draft spot so you can test out different approaches to get an idea of what happens if you zig when you would normally zag (for example, if you are a wait on QB guy, you can test what happens if instead you take a QB earlier, or you can test what happens if you go WR heavy early, or RB heavy early, etc), how you would react to unexpected runs in front of you, etc. 


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