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Draft Question on Sleeper - Autopick Off (1 Viewer)


Starting a new league this year as commissioner and using Sleeper for the first time.

With my draft next week, I have a question for other commissioners who have run drafts on Sleeper in the past. I've tried looking on their website, Reddit, and contacted their support team, but didn't get the specific answer I'm looking for.

To make a long story short, I want to turn autopick OFF, so that if a team times out, it isn't automatically awarded the next best player. Instead the team would be skipped and another team(s) can make their next pick until the skipped team makes theirs.

Per the support web page, there is an option (Option 1) to put a placeholder player on that skipped team's roster until their actual pick is made. This is an option I'd like to pursue.

My question is whether anyone has done this is as commissioner, and if so, when the skipped team makes their pick, have you been able to swap out the placeholder for the "real" player during the draft?

Thanks in advance.

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