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Draft Ranking Request For All You Draft Experts (1 Viewer)


I would love to look at two different "draft boards" for the upcoming NFL Draft and compare the lists -- especially an overall board, but if you want to do it by position too, that's cool:

One with a heavy emphasis on player performance on the field -- not so much measurables. Vince Young would be rated higher on this list for example because most people think of him as a winner (think USC game), but his weaknesses are throwing motion, etc...

And the other with a heavy emphasis on measurables (40-times, bench presses, etc.) -- not so much performance on the field. Jay Cutler would be ranked higher in this list for example because he had more reps in the BP than most lineman, but his career at Vandy is not jaw-dropping...

I am not aware of any web site that does this currently..

Anyone with a lot more draft acumen than me willing to take a shot??

Sounds like an interesting project to do and reference later. Care to explain a little better exactly what you're looking for?


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