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I have the 9th pick and the guy who has the 3rd pick in the draft is offering his 2nd and 3rd round pick for my 1st and 4th round pick. Any thoughts and comments about accepting or denying this trade? Please helpppppp!



Assuming no keepers and snake it seems like not enough for a first rounder,  I'd counter with your 5th instead of your 4th at a minimum, it all depends on how you have guys ranked and who you think you might actually get. Is there someone at that 9th spot that you think can be a league winner? If so then no flat out.

Just using current ADP data you are giving up Gordon and 4th rounder (Collins, Ajayi, Watson) for someone like (McKinnon,Gronk,Evans) and (Mixon, Rodgers, Hilton).  Would I do that? No. I might do it for the 5th rounder though (Jones, Engram, Freeman) 



Not enough for me to have no first rounder.  Especially if it a 12 or more team league.  Closer if it is a 10 team league.


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