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DraftKings Week 2 (1 Viewer)


What are your plays this week guys? Here are the main slate games for Sunday.

KC @ PIT - Should be an insane game, I could see this one hit the over and be something like Steelers winning 45-35. Mahomes has some wheels and Steelers got ran on by Tyrod a bit last week.

ARI @ LAR - I actually expect this to be a slightly more competitive game than some people think. Can't ignore 29 implied points for the Rams, Gurley should feast.

IND @ WAS - The total is creeping up.

MIN @ GB - If Rodgers is hobbled a bit, could see this hitting the under.

DET @ SF - Fire up your Kittle's. Cash and GPP play option, just too cheap for his targets and Shanny's offense against what could be a terrible defense.

OAK @ DEN - Don't think this one is competitive at all. Broncos win 38-14

NE @ JAX - Should be a fun, close game. Probably not a whole lot of fantasy goodness unless Fournette is 100% which is unlikely, but Gronk and Hogan are solid GPP options.

HOU @ TEN - Probably not the shoot-out we all are hoping for. Both teams don't look great right now, Fuller still with the hammy. Houston's line is beat up.

CLE @ NO - Think it actually hits the under, Tyrod Taylor is not someone who is going to light it up like Fitzpatrick did. Still, Saints have 29 implied points, start everyone there. Gordon is a GPP option but he needs more targets, and I refuse to believe Marshon Lattimore is suddenly bad.

MIA @ NYJ - Interested in this game not from a fantasy perspective but to see how good or bad these teams really are. 

CAR @ ATL - Ryan feasts on the Panthers at home, but it is time to be worried about Sarkisian. Just realized Ryan has yet throw for 3 TD's in a game under Sark. I have to think they try to get players other than Julio involved. Had 10 days rest.

LAC @ BUF - This is an early start for the Chargers (would be 10 AM start pacific time) traveling really far East, I know the Bills are bad but I could see the Chargers offense being sluggish and this hitting the under.

PHI @ TB - Should be a low-scoring close game to watch. Eagles had 10 days to prepare. TB defensive backs could be worst in the league, look for Agholor and Ertz. TB will struggle running the ball with Barber. Ronald Darby is playing better, Sidney Jones looks legit (remember, 1st rounder last year if he didn't tear his Achilles). I'll take the SB champs.


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