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Draftkings Core 4 (1 Viewer)


Always love the bit that Jeff Manns does on Fridays on Sirius with his Core 4 (1QB, 1 RB, 1WR, 1TE) to build your lineups around. With the collective knowledge here I thought it would be fun to see if we had a consensus here in the forum we could come up with.

To clarify it isn't just picking the highest scoring player at each position, you have to take cost/value into consideration and it may just be a great value that then lets you pick between some high price guys you want. For example I am working on mine for the Sunday only slate and I'm starting with Tyler Higbee at TE. Mid Tier price but great opportunity with Kupp out and the defense that was ranked second to last against TE's last season.
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I love Dotson from Commanders on FanDuel - cheap ($6100), explosive and seemed to have great rapport with QB all pre-season
Mahomes is pricey but with Kelce back, might pay off. Not sure why Z Moss is a go to, doesn’t get GL work.
So I use the Friday Core 4 as my starting point, sometimes I use all 4, sometimes 3 or this past week I used 2 (Herbert and Ertz) although I did use Jefferson without knowing he had switched to him.. Been playing two $10 single entry double ups and one $3 single entry GPP each week. Week 1 hit both double up, week 2 hit both double ups, week 3 hit both double ups and cashed in the GPP for $10. Happy so far, might start moving one of the $10 double ups to a $25.
Week 6:

I'm using 3 of the 4 (Stafford, Bijan, Pittman), went down to Engram at TE who he also mentioned so I could do a little better else were. Against his advice I am using Mostert, I just see a huge ownership percentage in cash games and on DK the price is too good.
Week 6:

No offense, but you guys might want find a new guy to follow. The top people in the industry all had Mostert as the best RB cash play (which was shown in his 90% ownership in my $10 double today). Bijan wasn’t a horrible play but…

Is this guy just trying to be different?
after 5 profitable weeks, last week was a downer, time to get back on the horse:

Gibbs (paid down at RB so he could go after….)
Week 14:

J. Allen (over pay down option Browning)
Z. Moss (over Bijan or Ekeler)
R. Rice (over Ja’Marr or DJ Moore. Also high on Godwin)
I. Likely
Week 16:

C. Hubbard
Njoku (Sunday morning update; he has replaced Njoku with McBride)
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