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Dropping Big Ben in a Superflex (1 Viewer)


So, in my Superflex PPR league, Ben is averaging 14 points a week (for comparison, top 12 QBs are scoring 28+). Yardage bonus, length of TD bonus, etc., none of which favors his current game.

I have Hurts and Herbert, and there is NOTHING else out there for QBs. I'm wondering if I even need to hold onto Ben, so I can get some depth or flexibility to speculate (I'm too long on WRs, but they're all of a quality that would start on other teams and I don't want to just get rid of them). I mean, barring injury, Ben only "covers" Hurts's bye in Week 14, and I can probably get 14+ points from a lot of my guys in the Superflex spot then, or if there is an injury, either cover the Flex for a week from my bench, or do my best to get their backups if there's an extended injury.

But it scares me to be running that naked at QB. Also, the best options I'd probably drop him for is speculating on Collins or Gallman - at QB, there's Mills and Brissett (who's done by week 6, I assume), I can't imagine Lock keeps the job longer than concussion protocol, and I'm not going to just pick up Flacco or Minshew, only worth something if Hurts gets hurt, and not much at that.

I'm torn to just let him be someone else's dead weight/bye week fill-in, or keep him and hope he's worth something in trade or actually worth starting at the Flex if my top QBs have to miss a week.

Starters: Hurts, Kamara, Gibson, Lamb, Mike Williams, R. Woods, Pitts, Herbert

Bench: Ben, Viska, Pittman, Josh Gordon, Michael Thomas, Michael Carter, Conner, Dawson Knox

Panthers, 49ers, Butker

It all depends on what you are dropping him for.  The players you mentioned I would just hold on to Ben.  He hasn't been good but without an appreciably better option he isn't worth dropping just to drop. 


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