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Dumervil now a FA (1 Viewer)


The Broncos did not file RE Elvis Dumervil's new contract in time, and he has been released.Denver had until 4PM ET to submit the new deal to the league office, but they simply didn't get it in before the deadline because Dumervil didn't get his signature on the document until 4:07PM. The two sides had agreed to slash Dumervil's salary from $12 million to $8 million, so there is an agreement. We tentatively expect Dumervil to re-up with the Broncos, but he's now open to see what else is out on the market.
per rotoworld
I think Denver signs Freeney 2 years 10 million. Denver might re=sign Dumervil but not at the 8 million because they just took a cap hit. Dumervil gets $6 million going somewhere else besides Denver. Dumervil's numbers won't be as good as in Denver.


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