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Dynasty Auction Empire League - Sign up now! (1 Viewer)


Filling start-up Dynasty Auction Salary Cap Empire Leagues Need Owners for a 16 & 12 Team Leagues. Once these are filled, we will not be starting another Empire League. So dont miss out.

Auction starts 2 days after league is filled.

BMC EADL1 $100 Empire - 16 Team - 20 Man Rosters - Need 12 more Teams

League Website - http://www25.myfanta...13/home/34581#0

Register for League - http://www.bemycommi...msforsale/c1gwo

Also, starting a 12 man league.

BMC EADL 2 $100 Empire - 12 Team - 18 Man Rosters - Need 12 teams

League Website - http://www25.myfantasyleague.com/2013/home/45898#0

Register for League - http://www.bemycommi...msforsale/c1gwo

Questions email me at thecommish@bemycommish.com

Commish Anthony


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