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Dynasty BaseBall needs fill 3 orphan teams (1 Viewer)



3 orphan teams in Mastersball Dynasty League, looking for committed owners to manage:

1. Mastersball Dynasty League has existed since 2001.
2. 20 team league: salary cap, 30 man roster including bench; 15 man Minor League Roster, H2H, 12 statistical categories; 4 Divisions-shuffled each year according to previous year's standings.
3. in season held at yahoo, FREE league: 8 teams make Playoffs
4. offseason held at Mastersball Forums: roster cutdowns, salary cap adjustments, Minor League Draft, Auction rounds to fill Active roster-during MLB Spring Training. Mastersball Forum thread here: viewforum.php?f=17
5. so as you can see this league takes about 1 month off after season ends, then begins offseason.....

Auction rounds to fill Open Roster slots begin 28 February 2017. if you want to participate in that join us before deadline date for submittal of Active roster cutdown which is 26 Feb 2017.

If interested reply to me here within Mastersball Forums or email me at t h co at yahoo dot com

one team is a playoff team the second team needs a dedicated owner to move it out of the lower echelons of the league

Team A 6 of 20

C D'Arnaud

1B F Freeman

2b D Pedroia

3b H Perez


OF OD Herrera

OF K Broxton

OF K Schwarber

Flex E Encarnacion

Flex R Odor



SP J Odorizzi

SP J Lester

SP Ed Rodriguez


RP Z Britton

RP D O'Day

RP P Strop


Team 2: 16 of 20

C R Chrinos

1B M Moreland

2b J kipnis

3B M Moustakas

SS X Bogaerts

OF N Cruz

 OF ED Rosario

OF T Naquin

Flex N Ahmed

Flex R Porcello

Flex W Flores

Flex M Tanaka

SP Sonny  Gray

SP T Jungmann

SP A Wainwright

SP T Chatwood

RP N Ramirez

RP J Motte

 RP K Quackenbush

RP J Familia

Team 1 is taken, leaving Team 2 as the only one available

auction rounds begin 28 Feb, pre auction roster cutdown is 26 Feb so if interested let me know before 26th if possible


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