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Dynasty QB (1 Viewer)

Which of these QB's qould you most like to have on a dynasty team

  • Aaron Rodgers College: California, Drafted: Round 1 (24) GB

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  • Alex Smith College: Utah Drafted: Round 1(1)

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  • J.P. Losman, College: Tulane, Drafted: Round 1(22) Bills

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Charlie Frye College: Akron, Drafted: Round 3

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  • Jason Campbell College: Auburn, Drafted: Round 1(25) Skins

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I easily voted Charlie Frye, then after moving on to other discussions began to realize I'm not sure why I voted Charlie Frye...I guess I like his opportunity, and from what I understand he looks better than Losman or Smith in live action...but I've barely seen the guy play so I don't know where I got this impression...

Obviously others here like Frye, but why?...what are the specific things about his play that make him a better prospect?

I think you have to go with Frye here. I like his situation in Cleveland and he has the most talent around him of all those guys with the exception of Campbell. I think Frye's closer to the starting lineup than any of those other guys (Brunell's in front of Campbell).

I'd rank them overall like this because of a combination of talent displayed to date, overall offensive and team talent, and status on depth chart currently, and overall organizational quality:







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