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dynasty question Michael Thomas, Henry or Collins (1 Viewer)


Hey there all! I am a little conflicted on a dynasty keeper. I can only keep one.... Michael Thomas in the 7th (will be able to keep him for 3 more yrs), Travis Henry in the 12th round or Alex Collins in the 12th? (able to keep for 4 yrs) I recognize the draft position value for the 2 rb's but Thomas is near a top 5 WR. Standard scoring league.


Pretty sure you mean Derrick Henry, but it is Thomas that you want to keep. Don't over think this. You are getting 2nd round value in round 7.

Definitely not Travis Henry ;)

I would keep M. Thomas for sure as he is the best player of your keeper options.

lol yea, definitely NOT Travis Henry! Thanks guys, it's easy to overthink things when prepping for the new season!


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