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Dynasty Start-up.16team.PPR.Unique Scoring (1 Viewer)


7 slots yet to fill in a 16 team Dynasty Start-up.

There are a ton of leagues out there and yet they are all so similiar. This league is classic yet unique.

-16 teams


-6 pts ALL TDs

-1 point per 5 yards rushing!

-20 man roster


-Start Q/R/R/W/W/W/T/(W/T flex)/DST


-Trade draft picks up to 2 years out (with deposit)

-Practice Squad rules

-2 conf w/2 div each

-6 teams advance

-Payouts to ALL playoff teams

-MFL hosting

-Slow draft


-$75 per season (with first 2 seasons entry due at signing OR deposits on traded rookie picks)

The owners who have already committed are a mix of guys with varying levels of experience but all dedicated and competitive.

There is a full constitution drafted and viewable to any interested party. We are looking for folks who want to be involved in formation and are open to input on rules, settings, scoring, etc....with concensus changes can still be made.

Let me know if you are interested and/or have questions. PM me and I will email you the constitution.


Come on in, this one is gonna be challenging and a blast! Looking for sharp FF minds because you arent gonna survive this league if you arent. We have 4 DFWC contenders in here and another group who is new to dynasty but has been playin FF since the 90's. Enter this one if you are very confident in your abilities or are ready and willing to part with your funds :)

Hit me up and I will get you the bylaws/constitution.


Thanks for all the interest guys and sorry for being a little picky and turning some away..... Couple slots left. Hit me!

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Will teams be allowed to trade picks in the opening draft or will trading only open after the draft is complete?

I ask because I've found that allowing original draft picks to be traded in a dynasty can create significant disparity/imbalance right out of the gate, especially when there is a varying degree of dynasty experience among owners.


Have you considered Victory Points for league standings? If so I am interested

Team rankings will use VP Points Scoring. 2 for a win, 1 for a tie, 0 for a loss in addition to 2 for a top 4 scoring team for the week, 1 for a middle 4 scoring team, and 0 for bottom 4.

Sorry for not responding the last few days folks....have been in the woods.

jimmac- emailed ya

gianthater- there definately will be trading, and lots of it, during the maiden draft. recently completed a 12 team dynasty start-up slow draft; it took over 3 weeks and there were 100s of trades tables and over 50 trades executed.

TheWick- I can see some benefit to the Victory points model. This league is classic HtoH though and will have to remain so.

ONE SPOT LEFT! Somebody must be ready for the challenge.... Sorry I have been a little picky but, especially in dynasty, there is nothing more annoying than an unattentive owner. We want diehards! Are you a diehard?

The one slot remaining is drafting from the 1.03! Luck of the draw makes this your lucky day. As soon as we find the one remaining quality owner we are looking for we will collect dues via Leaguesafe right away and try to start the slow draft by this weekend! Hit me with an email or PM and we will start the interview process. Only FF minds need apply.


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