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Dynasty Trade 1.02 for 1.07 and 1.12 current (1 Viewer)


12 TM PPR and .25 pt per carry QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, TE, Flex

The current offer is below and I don't think I'm interested with the .25 pt per carry. I know I get a RB here. I am thinking about trying to swap out the 1.12 for a 2023 1st though.
Current (I'm going to decline)
Give: 1.02
Get: 1.07 and 1.12

Would you counter with
Give: 1.02
Get: 1.07 and 2023 1st

HIs team earned the 1.01 this year, but he's got good players. I'd say he will end mid to late mid (3 teams are far above the rest). I am trying to rebuild and trade away my Vets, but I'm not getting any value or them. best offer I got for Chubb was 1.07 & 1.12

My Team:
Carr, Goff, Mills
Chubb, Hunt, Gordon, Gaskin
Evans, Cooper, JuJu, Parker, Landry, Agholor, Edwards
Ertz, Knox, Fant, Albert O, Tremble


I would rather have the 2023 1st between those two offers. If you don't have a must have at 1.02 I would do it


thanks for the replies. I declined earlier today and the individual with 1.07 & 1.12 ended up trading it for Deebo. So I took Walker.

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