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Dynasty Value: state your case (1 Viewer)

Dan Hindery

I updated my base values in the dynasty trade value chart:


It's definitely hard to hit the right balance of not overreacting to Week 1 but also trying to reflect the new reality.

If you see any numbers that look off or you just want to argue for certain players to be higher or lower, I will happily take into account feedback based upon either trades you are seeing in your leagues or just reasonable opinions of values moving forward.
Looks like some very nice effort ... I understand the challenge of sorting thru the data with some not being on the field (Kendre Miller, et al).

I do have a different view on where you place Cooper Kupp (Dynasty value = Jonathan Mingo?) but there are no real glaring value discrepancies I find.
And I would lower JK Dobbins more due to the type of injury. Equal to Swift feels wrong.

Question ... DJ Chark - Free Agent?
Good job Dan, as usual. I think it is pretty solid. I would hope most people understand that these are estimates based on educated and informed factors and that the whole thing is fluid. We're never going to agree on all the players but I love the approach and have been doing the same thing myself for a few years now (using my own values but largely using the same system concept as you) but more catered towards the FFPC dynasty leagues I predominantly play in.

Anyway..a couple names stood out and I think it is a credit to what you're doing if I can read between the lines here a little. Brandon Aiyuk and Zay Flowers both seem very appropriately ranked to me here but I think most of us would agree there is room for them to grow if week 1 wasn't a fluke. But you always sort of have to ask yourself, if I bump player X up to whatever the spot is, who am I bumping down? If those two both ball out for a few more weeks, then maybe bump down who? Higgins, JSN, D Smith, Lamb, maybe a couple QBs. It's tough. They're all right around the same area. Ridley might be another riser too.

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