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Dyno / Devy SF TEP Orphan Rebuild, Looking for Evaluation / Ideas (1 Viewer)


My first time trying a dynasty / devy league.  All advice as I rebuild build is appreciated, let me know what you think.  🙂  There wasn't a whole lot available in the dispersal draft (see my other post with transaction history below) so my initial plan was to focus on youth / picks so that I could compete in a year. I ended up with what I think are some good young pieces and might not be completely terrible this year although maybe that would be better for higher picks net year.  Don't think I can compete this year but tough part is deciding if I want to shoot for next year or keep building through youth / picks.  May take at least a couple years to build a solid QB corps and I have nothing at TE right now.

Not sure if I can count on Saquon as a building block or if I should look to get as much for him as I can.  May be best to wait and hope he gets back ok and has a few good games, but by then I may just want to keep him.  Similar questions for players like McLaurin.

I'll update this initial post with league info and the most recent status / players and the next post(s) will contain detailed history up to this point.

QB (8) - Burrow, Joe CIN, Lance, Trey SFO, Bridgewater, Teddy DEN, Minshew, Gardner JAC, Taylor, Tyrod HOU, * Slovis, Kedon, 2022, * Ridder, Desmond, 2022, * Willis, Malik, 2022

RB (9) - Barkley, Saquon NYG, Harris, Najee PIT, Hines, Nyheim IND, Singletary, Devin BUF, Gainwell, Kenneth PHI, Perine, Lamical NYJ, Perine, Samaje CIN, Williams, Trayveon CIN, * Ealy, Jerrion, 2022

WR (14) - McLaurin, Terry WAS, Pittman, Michael IND, Waddle, Jaylen MIA, Ruggs, Henry LVR, Eskridge, D'Wayne SEA, Miller, Anthony CHI, Washington, James PIT, Miller, Anthony CHI, Higgins, Rashard CLE, Jackson, DeSean LAR, Cephus, Quintez DET, Johnson, Wallace, Tylan BAL, Surratt, Sage DET, Gandy-Golden, Antonio WAS, Collin JAC

TE (4) - Bryant, Harrison CLE, Jordan, Brevin HOU, McKitty, Tre' LAC, Warring, Kahale HOU

League Overview

24 teams, 2 copies of each player, 2-12 team divisions

Best Ball, Superflex, TE Premium, Devy (Up to 2 years from current rookie class)

Rosters are 25 max, 10 IR spots and 10 Taxi spots (Rookies and Devy Only)

Best Ball league, MFL will select highest scoring lineup - (10 starters) QB, RB, WR, TE, 5 Flex, 1 Superflex (No K or D)

2 PPR for TE's, 1 PPR for all others, 6 for TDs, 1 per 10 yards rush/rec, 4 for passing TD's, 1 per 25 yards passing, +0.1 for comp / -0.1 for incomp

Rookie / Devy Draft Info - Only 2022 Rookies, 2023/2024 Devy players are eligible, Only 1 copy of each Devy can be drafted prior to their draft eligible class, Draft will be 3 rounds, 1-24 each round

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Transaction History

Team acquired as orphan with no assets going into 5 team dispersal snake draft, 4th in draft order.

Dispersal Draft

1.04 - Barkley, Saquon NYG RB (Q)

2.02 - Harris, Najee PIT RB (R)

3.04 - Traded for Joe Burrow & Brevin Jordan (along with my 7.04)

4.02 - Rookie Draft Pick 1.11

5.04 - McLaurin, Terry WAS WR

6.02 - Rookie Draft Pick 1.17

7.04 - Traded for Joe Burrow & Brevin Jordan (along with my 3.04)

8.02 - Shenault, Laviska JAC WR

9.04 - Pittman, Michael IND WR

10.02 - Wallace, Tylan BAL WR (R)

11.04 - Rookie Draft Pick 2.14

12.02 - Ruggs, Henry LVR WR

13.04 - Rookie Draft Pick 3.14

14.02 - Surratt, Sage DET WR (R)

15.04 - Hines, Nyheim IND RB

16.02 - Traded for Harrison Bryant

17.04 - Singletary, Devin BUF RB

18.02 - Minshew, Gardner JAC QB

19.04 - Bridgewater, Teddy DEN QB

20.02 - Perine, Lamical NYJ RB

21.04 - Cephus, Quintez DET WR

22.02 - Gandy-Golden, Antonio WAS WR

23.04 - Miller, Anthony CHI WR

24.02 - Jackson, DeSean LAR WR

25.04 - Washington, James PIT WR

26.02 - Warring, Kahale HOU TE

27.04 - Johnson, Collin JAC WR

28.02 - Keene, Dalton NEP TE

29.04 - Williams, Trayveon CIN RB

30.02 - Perine, Samaje CIN RB

31.04 - Higgins, Rashard CLE WR

Rookie Draft

Entered with 1.11, 1.17, 2.14, 3.14

Traded 1.11 and 1.17 for 1.03, 3.04, 3.23

Traded 1.03 for 1.04, 2.24

1.04 - Drafted Trey Lance

Traded 2.24 and Laviska Shenault for 2.01

2.01 - Jayden Waddle

Traded 2.14 for Kedon Slovis (2022 QB)

3.04 - Drafted Jerrion Ealy (2022 RB)

3.14 - Drafted Desmond Ridder (2022 QB)

3.23 - Drafted Malik Willis (2022 QB)

FA Blind Bidding (Started with $110 for season)

Acquired Eskridge, D'Wayne SEA WR for $16.00

Acquired Gainwell, Kenneth PHI RB for $13.00

Acquired Taylor, Tyrod HOU QB for $11.00

Acquired McKitty, Tre' LAC TE for $1.00 (lost tiebreak for Granson, Kylen IND TE)

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Lehigh98 I think you have some nice pieces but not enough of them to contend right now, estimating that with 2 copies of each player being available that there are some really stacked teams to contend with.

I think you did a good thing in prioritizing the QB position as these players will have the most longevity and also have huge value in SF good ones will always be trade commodities where you can make things happen if you should acquire enough of them.

While most of the time selling a dime for 3 nickel's is bad practice, in your current situation I think you should consider doing that to improve the overall quality of your roster and try to acquire more QBs using Barkley and McClaurin as your big bait

Because of the devy aspect of the league I think rookie picks are not as valuable as they are in a non devy league. So while I would advise you try to trade for picks anyways and build your team that way I am not as bullish about this strategy in a devy league as I am without that. I think the devy aspect of the league makes acquiring QB through the draft that much more difficult and a additional reason to prioritize that position. 


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