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Some quick hits on what I’ve read (other than Draftguys) about Tuesdays practice…


DT Sammy Lee Hill (Stillman, AL) hamstring, will be replaced on EAST roster by Kentucky DT Myron Pryor.

OLB Johnny Williams (Kentucky) 6-3 / 244 played well vs the run and in coverage.

MLB Jasper Brinkley (South Carolina) who checks in at 6-2 / 275… did well clogging the middle, (no surprise) and also showed good awareness in coverage, his run instincts appeared sub par.

OLB Monty Ivy (West Virginia) 6-2 / 236 showed good coverage skills.

OLB Robert Francois (Boston College) 6-2 / 253 has been inconsistent.

MLB Michael Tauiliili (Duke) 5-11 / 235 didn’t show good range and at times struggled getting off blocks.


DB Kevin Ellison (USC) sore knee, will be replaced on WEST roster by Utah State S/LB De’Von Hall.

DB Darcel McBath (Texas Tech) hamstring, will be replaced by on WEST roster by New Mexico’s Glover Quin.

MLB Jason Phillips (TCU) 6-1 / 234 showed off his instincts and played well in coverage.

OLB Anthony Felder (California) 6-3 / 245 come up on the short end vs Fresno State TE Bear Pascoe in both run and pass situations.

MLB Worrell Williams (California) 6-0 / 250 appeared out of shape.


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