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Ebron vs J Cook - Week 3 Starter (NON-PPR) (1 Viewer)

Normally I'd go with Cook, but w/ Doyle out I need help. Standard scoring (NON-PPR) - who should I

  • Eric Ebron

    Votes: 4 100.0%
  • Jared Cook

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Normally I'd go with Cook, but w/ Doyle out I need help.  Standard scoring (NON-PPR) - who should I start?  Eric Ebron or Jared Cook?  

Answer my question and I'll reciprocate.  Thanks!

My vote goes to Ebron with Doyle out. The matchup is better and I can't see the Colts being able to establish the run so they will have to throw. I like Ebron's chances of getting a TD more than Cook.

I'd probably go with Ebron as well. The only concern is the Colts line being banged up and Luck barely having time to throw. However, this could be seen as a good thing for Ebron. I wouldn't expect much from the Colts in this game but Ebron may be able to get a red zone score.

I'd still go Cook. He's the #2 pass catcher in Oakland, and has a nice matchup. Ebron could be the #2 guy this week, but its possible he isn't, and has a harder matchup.


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