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Edge Designation Implementation (1 Viewer)

rockaction said:
Huge assumption. I know Zealots has different scoring for different positions. I'm sure many leagues also do. I think that's a big problem with implementing EDGE designation. 

Which is why I put that caveat in my post. The two IDP leagues I am in have the same scoring for all positions, so if we could have players be eligible for dual positions, it would work for us. If the scoring was such that the different positions did not score the same, as Zealots apparently is, then this solution would not work.

Gally said:
MFL does allow you to change the position from the default.  They don't really need to add "edge" as a position as you can decide as a league how you want to handle it and then manually switch positions as necessary.   I am not absolving MFL from responsibility of doing this.  I am only stating that you can use the manual change work around to change things as you see fit as a league.  
I understand this, I was just stating that if we wanted as a league to be able to keep DL, Edge and LB as separate positions and manually adjust, having the option to create a custom "Edge" position and change players to that would potentially be a workable solution. Currently it could in theory be achieved using a position that the league doesn't use, such as punter (if your league does not have punters) that you could use as a proxy for a separate Edge position.

Granted that does not solve the question of determining which players should be DL, which should be Edge and which should be MFL as that would not be automatically supported in MFL.


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