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Emerging Stretch Run/Playoff Emerging Stars (1 Viewer)

This is my favorite part of every year (see, e.g., Jerome Harrison). I think the guys I've honed in on this time around are Pacheco and Christian Watson.

Pacheco gets Houston and Seattle the first two playoff weeks. That's a dream come true. If the Chiefs WRs keep having injuries, Toney might be a monster too.

Also, Christian Watson gets the Rams, Miami, and Minnesota in the playoffs...that feels like a recipe for some big time shootouts in the final two weeks.

Generally, both the Chiefs and Packers have a slate that feels to me like it could be big for fantasy production all around.
Was high on him coming into the NFL draft, especially after seeing his combine numbers. His hands have warts, but you can't teach the size/speed combo and the Pack are desperate for play making. His college highlight reel looks exactly like his week 10 highlight reel.

#EarToTheGround #HandOnTheWire
Hands seem fine. Ball tracking and discipline seem to be the only issues I see. IMO the latter is easier to fix with experience. What I’ve seen is soft hands when he sees the ball early. I think this guy turns into a star if he’s able to work with AR for a few years.
I can't quite put my finger on it but he seems to look a little unsteady - like he is fighting the ball a little even when he makes plays. He has all the talent but I am not sure pass catching comes natural to him. Am I hallucinating or does anyone else see this too?
He was getting blown up behind the line on almost every carry. Every touch is in the highlight I posed. I'm not sure who would succeed in that circumstance. If you can't at least acknowledge he looked great on that 20 yard catch and run where he showed burst, vision and agility, or either one of the TD runs, then I don't know what to say. He's not some dude off the street. He has a good pedigree and the physical tools to succeed in this league. I'm not calling him a star, I'm just saying the potential to be one is there.
I am not sure who you are referring to but I was talking about Christian Watson who is a WR. Blown up behind the line on carries?
I agree with the assessment that he probably just lacks confidence and has all the tools to become a stud WR.
Apologies. The quotes got confusing and I lost track. I was responding to the guy who quoted my post about Keaontay Ingram, or at least that's what I thought I was doing lol. Sorry for the confusion.
Maybe burks

I was going to say the same thing here. I was carrying him in my IR spot but dropped him after a quiet game last week. Obviously need Tannehill to be the starter at QB or else any Titans WR would be useless. Plus their schedule is very favorable to the running game and unfavorable for the passing game, and the Titans preferring to run first dissuaded me. We have a short bench and I am only rostering 5 WR's. He's still on the WW and I will have to think hard about him this week.
I've put all my eggs into the JK Dobbins (IR Stash), Parris Campbell and Deshaun Watson (back-up to Fields). I spent the entire season searching for a QB (Trey Lance/Derek Carr) and managed 2 losses and think I have found them plus a decent flex. It should be interesting watching my heart get broken in the championship game but nothing I am unfamiliar with.

I do also like Treylon Burks - I drafted him and inevitably had to cut him, but I think the Titans are a team nobody talks about but he quietly scored 18+ fantasy points last night and he could easily see 8+ targets a week.
Sadly I have looked at my roster and see not a single player listed here. I am almost always a guy who plays matchups at both defense and kicker. This year I am ding it differently....I picked up Butker because he has some nice matchips and a killer schedule against teams giving up tons of points to kicker and after their bye week this week picked up Baltimore who has a rediculous schedule vs points allowed to defenses.
I would say add Burks today if hes still on waivers. May be too run heavy to start today - but based on trends he will likely be a valued asset

from fantasypros:

Burks has three red zone targets in his last four games played.
Burks is 15th in YAC per reception (minimum 25 targets), facing a team ninth in missed tackles.
Burks is an upside WR3/4 that will run about 78% of his routes against Cam Taylor-Britt (84.6% catch rate, 133.0 passer rating) and Eli Apple (60% catch rate, 106.6 passer rating).
I like

Joe Burrow - got hot last year in the playoffs and will be getting chase back for the final stretch of the season while mixon is dinged. Perfect storm for the passing offense.

James Conner - was rb5 last year, getting healthy for the second half

Cam Akers/Kyren Williams- they're close to giving up on Stafford for the season and I think they will use the run game a ton down the stretch. I don't think they love either of these guys but kyren could emerge late as they see what he can do (and one thing he can do is catch)

Rhamondre- I was not big on him coming into the season but boy was I wrong. Pleasantly surprised as a Patriots fan, just jealous I don't have him in any league. The Patriots love to run the ball when it's cold and they don't abandon the run against top offense

Elijah Moore - he's clamoring for targets and they've got a qb change. Moore runs great routes but Wilson isn't the kind of guy who anticipates well so his ability was completely wasted. White isn't exactly a star qb but he's got some experience and could turn things around.

George Kittle - I know there's a lot of mouths to feed and he will have some bad weeks but I see him having some big blow up weeks too. Defenses have to respect McCaffrey and that just opens things up perfectly for Kittle when they drop back to pass

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