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Evans or Devonta Freeman? PPR (1 Viewer)


12 team PPR. i have the 11th pick and im keeping Antonio Brown with my 1st pick.

The top two available players will be between Devonta Freeman or Mike Evans.

Who would you take? Stack the WR and try and catch a Royce freeman/lamar miller type in the third round? Or take Devonta freeman and land a Crabtree type is wr2?

To me, there is a top tier of RBs that includes about 12 players.  I consider Freeman on the low end of that tier, but think there is a much higher risk with the next tier of RBs.  I'd be thrilled with starting a 12 team league with A Brown & D Freeman.  You'll be able to find plenty of high floor WRs in the next round and there is plenty of depth at WR to shoot for some high upside WRs later in the draft.

I'm down on Evans this year.  Especially with Winston missing the first four games.  I agree that Freeman is on the low side of that RB1 territory, but he is still in the group.  And combining him with AB should leave you pretty solid.


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