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FAAB questions - first year doing it (1 Viewer)


This year my league is switching to FAAB instead of traditional waiver.

Our league is run though espn. We have $100 budget 

The first question I have is do people just do waivers on Wednesday mornings or everyday of the week?

The second questions is that do leagues do a minimum bid of $0 or $1?


Typically have a minimum bid of $0.  This allows people to still get players if they exhaust their budget early for players that nobody else bids on.  Typically there is a waiver time before the first game (ours have been Wednesday evening) but then there are first come first serve waivers the rest of the weekend with players locking once their game starts.  This allows someone to pick up a player Sunday morning if there is a late injury or something else happening that prevents a rostered player from not playing. 


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