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Fair Trade? (1 Viewer)


I've got a very young receiver corps with the single exception of Rod Smith. The remainder of my roster is :Drew BennettTJ HoushMcCareinsBranchD. WattsMatt JonesDev HendersonI'm also reasnoably young on D-Line:RuckerGeathersRod ColemanDarren HowardAlex BrownMy D-Line has gotten off to a slow start. There's another owner in my league who's desperate at WR (had Javon Walker). He originally came after Housh but wouldn't pony up enough to make me interested. He's now proposed Simeon Rice for Rod Smith. I need the upgrade on D-Line. I think I'm deep enough at WR to get by without Smith however my concern is Smith seems to be the one guy I can rely on. Bennett still remains to be seen with McNair under center. I like Housh's potential in the Bengal offense. I just can't decide if I want to give up Rod Smith.Opinions?

What does your scoring system look like? I dont think I would do it even if it weighs heavily towards IDP's to balance the system like in my main league. Rice may have said he was going to break the sack record this year, doesnt mean he will do it. Who is available in the FA market? You do need a little help at DL, IMO. But that trade seems a bit off-balance.

Keep Smith.He's your #1 WR, and is rather dependable. I wouldn't worry so much about youth on defense. You need to have some fresh blood every year or 2 that produces, but it's easier to find.

Thanks ... I've been thinking the same thing. I can't shake the thought that Smith will be a more consistent producer than Rice on a weekly basis.

Don't do this deal. It looks like Rod is the main man this year and probably at least 1B next year. Denver doesn't have any prospects looking like they'll step up soon. Watts is now 4th string. Lelie still hasn't taken the reins as #1. Maybe Terrell will surprise; I'm still waiting. You're WR crew is young, unproven and inconsistent. Even Housh will be competing with Henry. Meanwhile, sacks need to be worth at least 4 points for this to even be considered. DL are up and down, they have good weeks and the next week they get zero, or vice versa in your case. Hang in there with what you have.


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