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Faulk NE's featured back for playoffs (1 Viewer)


The Boston Herald suggests that Kevin Faulk could be New England's featured back over Corey Dillon the rest of the post-season.

Faulk started last night and played at least half the snaps while the game was in doubt. He fits the team better when they use a spread formation or are using a hurry-up tempo. "Dillon took over for garbage time, which is where he may be best suited for the rest of the postseason," Michael Felger writes. Jan. 8 - 11:10 am et

Source: Boston Herald

What FF impact does this have for 2006? Would Faulk be NE's featured RB in 2006?

For some reason, it seems like Kevin Faulk always steps up and plays very well in the postseason.Didn't he have some terrific game in the postseason for the Pats a couple of years ago, and then the following year was status quo for Faulk....nadda.I expect the same after this year.

Im not going to buy that this RB thing with Faulk starting and seeing all of the action is a theme. My view is that NE didnt feel they could overpower the Jags front 4 with the power running of Dillon, and they couldnt, so they kept them off balance with Faulk, who is more versatile out of the backfield, and is an excellent runner when he's not overworked. But dont think for a minute that in the next game vs the Colts or the Broncos that NE wont go back to Dillon more for the power running to control that game. The Broncos and Colts obviously have alot more offensive firepower than Jacksonville, so Dillon's ball control running will be the key vs either opponent. I think the Pats can run all day vs the Colts. Power running against Denver will be a little tougher. Bottom line with 'inside' information that comes out of a media source about how NE will be strategizing and utilitzing their players......there's no such thing. Noone will know for sure what their plan is until theyre executing it.

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When it comes to the Patriots, never read anything that Michael Felger writes with an idea that it is from an "inside" source.

I wouldn't get too excited about the prospect of Faulk being the featured back. He might be providing Dillon some much needed relief but to think he would become the featured back next year? Don't think so.

It helps that Faulk's low number of carries during the year means he's physically a lot more fresh than most backs at this time of year. Either way, he's an ideal change of pace back.


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