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FILLED! - $100 orphan 12 team league - Lord of Rings theme, IDP, salary cap (1 Viewer)


League filled! Thanks

Custom league site with a Lord of the Rings theme https://www42.myfantasyleague.com/2023/home/74000#0

Team roster https://www42.myfantasyleague.com/2023/ ... =07&F=0003

League Rules https://sway.office.com/1Gntz0PSm9HggkWG?ref=Link

This is a customized personal league hosted on MFL and league fees managed by LeagueSafe. It is a dynasty league with a built-in expiration date. This provides an opportunity for a progressive pot to grow over the years until a back-to-back champion wins the pot and the league resets.

Once this team is claimed, I will assist the new owner in preparing for the slow draft and becoming familiar with league rules. Once they have had an opportunity to drop unwanted players and offer or accept trades with other teams, the rookie slow draft will begun. As soon as the rookie draft concludes, every team will have the opportunity to bid on free agents until the beginning of the season.

About the commissioner: I started managing fantasy football league in 1989. Over the past several years I have managed several customized leagues on MFL including three guillotine leagues. I also have openings in my Game of Thrones themed dynasty league, but that is under a different topic.

I am available to league members via email, text, and voice and looking for one more player who wants to join a league with the personal touch and a professional feel.
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