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Salary cap - full Idp orphan (1 Viewer)

El Dorado

In need of 1 owner to fill an orphan team. $165 buy in with progressive pots. Solid active group of owners in league with league group chat that is active. League had over 180 trades last two years so if you like trading this league May be for you.

League is a contract salary cap league with full Idp lineup.

Unique rules with Franchise tags, extension, restricted free agency, holdouts, unrestricted free agent auction and rookie only drafts.

League has been 5 years running but with same group for over 12 years.

As far as scoring goes it’s a 4 per passing, ppr, TE premium, big play Idp type scoring.
Full scoring link here

The available team has the 1.03 and 1.09 picks in 2024 draft. Click here to see full roster.

Contract outlook page

Restricted free agents are Keenan Allen, David Montgomery and James Conner

If interested please respond and I’ll send you bylaws for League.

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