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(FILLED) 3 openings Dispersal, 16 Tm, IDP, TE Prem (1 Viewer)

Florida Man


My name's Mike.

I have 4 openings in a 16 team balanced scoring IDP league with TE premium. Buy in is $25. Fees are held on leaguesafe. Chat is on Groupme. League is on MFL.

There will be a dispersal draft between the new owners. In this league when a player hits free agency in the NFL they hit free agency in our league. Each team is allowed to tag one free agent to stay on their team. The rest go into the pool for a free agent draft between the league.
For the 4 new owners there will be a 1 round draft to pick your "tagged player" from a pool of free agents from the orphaned teams.

This will be followed by a 35 round snake dispersal draft with the player pool consisting of the players and draft picks from the orphaned teams. When that is done we will do the league wide free agent draft and shortly after the NFL draft we will do the rookie draft. So if you're in love with drafting this league just might be for you.

League Rules:

League Scoring:

1 round "tagged player" draft pool:

35 round snake dispersal draft pool:

If you're interested or need more info shoot me an email at Micmck07@yahoo.com

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