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FILLED!-SFlex 2copy Promotion/relegation Dynasty League 75$ (1 Viewer)


Sorry dudes, we are full!

Looking for a few more  people to fill up a new startup(3 open spots).  Here's what our main recruiter has to say:

If you are looking for a league that offers something a little different, you have found it! oh and its awesome...

We are creating a 24 team double copy, superflex, PPR, pp1d, Te premium, 6/4 qb scoring work of art. (see scoring settings for details).

Unique features

Promotion/relegation style league - After the first year and in each subsequent year the league will be split into two divisions; Predator and Prey. The predator division will be made up of the top 12 scoring teams from the prior year. The prey division will be made up of the bottom 12 scoring teams.

You will need to win the Predator division to win the big bucks. The prey division will have a minuscule prize worthy of the scum that resides there.. Just kidding, you aren't scum if you don't make the Predator division, but you certainly need some work on your fantasy footballin'.

Lottery points race - Basically this ensures that all 24 teams are engaged and having fun until the last whistle in the week 16 championship. Once a team is eliminated from playoff contention or the playoffs themselves they start accumulating points towards the lottery points race. Draft order is in decending order of the team with the most points in the lottery points race. Typically the weakest teams are eliminated first and thus have a headstart and do typically finish with the highest picks. However there is tons of excitement as you are competing with everyone else for the highest draft position. (see the bylaws for how this works with the two divisions).

Callout playoff rounds - Higher seeds get to pick their opponent in the playoffs. There is nothing quite like the feeling of destroying a team that CHOOSE to play against you... Serves them right.

Fancy website and graphics - in the first year a portion of the fees will be set aside for a custom site build and graphics. "dontcha wish your site was hot like mine?" (see bylaws: payouts for details on how the payouts will change from year 1 to year 2).

Keep in mind this league isn't for just anybody. If you want to participate you must prove that you are a "mover and a shaker" Please submit a screen shot of the league you made the most trades in this year's transaction history. Must have at minimum made 5 trades. If you are looking for a league to be a bump on a log, this isn't for you.
If you're interested, respond with your email or DM me here or on twitter: @andyestridge

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