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Final weekend roto managment help (1 Viewer)


12 team 5X5

Inning limit is 1300 innings. I'm sitting with 25.1 innings left.

Must have at least .1 inning left to pitch Jiminez(and my 3 closers) Sunday

Figure I can pitch 3 maybe 4 games to make it to Sunday


Cahill @ SD


Burnett @ CIN


A Sanchez @ MIA

Kelly vs CHN

Kazmir @ MIN


Jimenez @ MIN

Whats the BF say?

Cahill a no brainer today.

Then you adjust from there.

Problem you might run into is Cleveland clinching before Sunday and saving Ubaldo for play in game

You may squeeze an extra start out because some of those guys will be pulled early in prep for a postseason start. For instance, it's hard to imagine Sanchez goes beyond 5 innings. Probably same for Kelly.

Not knowing if your league's constraints allow this, but in both of my roto's I've loaded up on starters the day I run out of innings.

Options are limited in my dynasty, so I had to choose today despite having 9 IP's left before hitting the max. My best guys are going today and today also had the most options available on waivers. I'm not going to gain or lose points in saves, so this is a win chasing strategy. If I get lucky I may help my ratios too, definitely a risky proposition but I think it's necessary to try to lock up 2nd place. I have a one point lead for 2nd and 1st already has this locked up, the guy in 3rd has a good chance of gaining a couple of points this weekend, so I need the W's today to offset.

I have more choices in my other. I still have 8 IP's left and have a 15 save lead for 1st. Starting Holland, Mo, Hochevar, and Doolittle today and tomorrow for ratio help...I'll make sure I still have > 5 IP's heading into tomorrow before starting all of them again to be safe though...then I have 11 arms rostered Sunday - can start 8. Ubaldo, Verlander, etc. may be rested so I have backup plans in case that happens. I probably won't get into the money regardless, but this is my only real chance to do so. I may implode but I would rather do that and end up 7th chasing 3rd than sit content with 5th.


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