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WIS MMXIII Back to the Future 3 - MLB107075 (1 Viewer)

Fun fact: three of the four semifinal teams came from one of the last 5 draft spots, both teams in the finals came from one of the last 4 draft spots.

:pickle: :clap:

Wow, what a run. Cain was my MVP pitcher for the year. Cuddyer and Napoli co-MVP hitters. Had a gut feel to start Hector Santiago instead of Quintana in the World Series...that paid off in spades. Good series Arsenal. Still can't believe I won one of these. Does that officially earn me :nerd: status?

Well I guess my my team finally dug a hole too deep to climb out of, after winning 7 straight elimination games. 2 road play in games to win the division.

Down 0-2 to Hoos, won 3 straight. Down 0-2 to SoCal, won three straight then game 7 on the road. Just didn't have enough to get past the hottest team over the last quarter of the season and playoffs. Still a pretty good run for a team that started 1-12 and was 5-19 before righting the ship.

Gratz rodg! Well deserved championship. :suds:

Started this one on Feb 8th. :shrug:

Methinks we'll have some Back to the Future and WIS XVIII overlap....

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