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First 2QB Draft - How did I do? (1 Viewer)


Had my first 2QB draft yesterday with a league that has been playing together for a while. I got some intel that most of them undervalue ADP for QBs, so I took a risk at taking 2 early. Hopefully it'll pay off. It may be wasted picks, but I was able to grab Taylor and Kyler in rounds 10 and 12 and since there are 2 IR, spots I will just pick up a couple players off waivers.

.5ppr, 10 team - picked from 1.03

QB: Herbert/Fields/Purdy
RB: CMC/Stevenson/Pierce/Gibson/Achane
WR: Keenan Allen/DJ Moore/Lockett/Addison
TE: Freiermuth
IR: Jonathan Taylor/Kyler Murray

Very solid team. no real holes and getting Taylor and Murray at those prices are steals. I have been targeting Kyler (especially in SF/2QB) in the later rounds as he seems to be going unnoticed. Great risks at that point.
That looks like a pretty decent squad.

Quite a coup pulling Herbert, Fields, AND CMC. I'm left wondering how?

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